Friday, October 17, 2014

I’m pooped ~ :-)

Good morning Folks ~ Hurray, the trailer load of iron has been cashed in. My friend and her son came over Wed. morning, hooked up the trailer and off we went. I was shocked to learn that the weight of the iron loaded into the trailer was, 3,160 lbs. All of it loaded, except for two things which my friend’s son loaded that morning, by two ladies in their 60’s.

This was taken after she and I loaded on two different mornings. Between then (May) and Wed. I loaded in some other things and then her son loaded the last two things and there was no longer a path. This trailer has a hydraulic lift so it was GREAT for dumping the load at the scrap yard. My dear husband is thrilled I know, that I’ve made forward progress in getting rid of iron. We had started to do this before he became ill, and now this load is gone. YIPPEE! I now have an ID # at the scrap yard.


Here was the view with the trailer and a pile of iron I had moved from around the property for us to load. As I was doing this, I did keep out pieces that I think I might use later, or that were artistic to me. We used different pieces through the years of collecting this stuff curbside,  DH just couldn’t stand to see stuff go to the landfill. He knew it had a cash value, either by us using it and not having to spend $ or turning it into the scrap yard for cash.


Here’s the view yesterday with my van back in its parking spot, and a container garden with roses and herbs, where the pile of iron had been. This is one of the sunniest areas for the roses at this time of year.


My plan yesterday morning was to get out the weed wacker to take care of high grass, etc. that had grown up in middle of the driveway and was covering concrete, but as I was looking at overgrowth in another area, another idea came to mind. Winking smile

Overgrowth between two buildings, plus havoc wreaked by fighting raccoons the other night, when they had knocked off plastic gutters from where they had been stacked, were a mess to behold. Then I noticed (again) left-over pickets from our ‘curbside found’ picket fencing. I thought, hey, I need to get to those to make another small section of fencing. To do that I had to clear out weeds  and restack the gutters, throwing some to the side to throw away.


Pickets back where arrow points to.


Forward progress.


I scrounged up materials, posts, and cross pieces for fencing. Got out my favorite shovel to dig holes, and on the last hole, my shovel handle broke!!!! I’ve used this shovel for years and years and it was great. It’s actually a trench digging shovel, but just right for my purposes of planting plants, etc. In my stash of shovels, I found a shorter version and used it. This photo below was taken after supper last night, which by the way, was a Marie C. chicken pot pie. It was so nice to just pop it into the oven and eat. No fuss, no muss.  DH and I both enjoyed these when I didn’t feel like cooking.


I was so sore when I got done I could hardly move. More work and clean up in that whole area between fencing and workshop needs to be done, all in good time. I am happy with my fun project yesterday.


I like being separated from the parking/storage area, this feels cozier. I’ll show more photos later.

Below is another area that needs working on. It’s on the west side of the workshop. I’d not been over there in awhile, and was shocked when I looked over there the other day. With all of the rain we had things just grew like crazy. I had gone over to this area to get a ladder…


and looking to the south saw this. YIKES!


That’s it for now. My stomach is growling.

Have a good day and a great weekend.  The weather here yesterday was beautiful. One of the reasons I could do the work I did.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Music, needlework, house colors :-)


Dear Friends ~ You all are great sports!

So far, no one online has picked what I chose. A widow friend of mine met me at church this morning and had a sticky note on a little book she's loaning me to read, and she guessed what I have chosen.

I will tell you that when I first started looking at colors lately,
smoked mulberry was my first choice. Another color caught my eye though, but it's still all in the thought stages.

I am thinking of getting paint samples. Especially of the plum colors.

This is fun getting your input.

Why I chose yellows to go with plumy colors is because they are complimentary to one another.

Smoky Mulberry and straw hat have the most votes so far.


If you haven’t seen the color choices go back to this post.

Before I started this post, I was working on the latest needlework heart.  The  embroidered part I did probably about 3-4 years ago, but I cut it out into heart shape then sewed it onto felt, then am stitching another piece of felt to the back to hide the stitching. While doing this I have been listening to the you tube video posted below. It’s almost over.  I recently found Jesse Cook and I LOVE his music. It reminds me of Spain, and that’s where Mark bought his acoustic guitar. In a little shop on a cobbled stone street. Sweet memories.  This music makes me want to move something, so I’m either wiggling in my seat as I stitch or tapping my feet. This was a good long run, not quite 3 hours.

Anyway, here’s the piece I was working on and stopped to take pics and start this post to post the you tube video.


Here are several other pieces that I embroidered also about the same time 3-4 years ago.




This is a piece I created this past week.


I did some rearranging of my shelves in the bedroom. I needed to be able to get to drawers of stashed created pieces.


I’m trying to get things more organized so I’ll know where things are that I’ll have listed in my Etsy shop.



This is my view this afternoon.


That’s it for tonight.

For those of you who have the holiday off tomorrow, enjoy.


I will close with the following quote that I posted on my music blog.


How does one put the spiritual significance of music on paper?
Music transcends all languages and barriers and
is the most beautiful communicative skill one can have.
Music makes us all experience different emotions.
Different types of music,
whether it is vocal or instrumental,
Eastern or Western,
Classical or Pop or folk
from any part of the world
can all be spiritual if it has the power
to stir the soul of a person
and transcend time for the moment.
Ravi Shankar


Upcoming Project

Good morning Folks ~ Well, it’s morning here in s.e. FL, just starting to get light out.

The other night I dreamed about painting my little cottage again, because it is on my mind. We painted it in 2004-2005, paint is peeling and fading and it needs to be done again. I’ve had two estimates one high and the other a decent price for me to afford, with a good recommendation.  I will be helping too, by painting the grooves in the siding, for one thing, plus moving plants, etc. away from the cottage. I’ve painted before although not in a long time.

I know the colors won’t be the same on everyone’s monitors, but we’ll give it a shot to see which color gets the most picks. One for the house color, and one for the door color. Trim will stay white. I already have the two colors I really like in mind, I just wanted to see what you all would say.

Here are some pics of the workshop and cottage after freshly painted. The color looked different depending on the time of day. You can see by the photos that the paint definitely looks different depending on where the sun is in the sky.

The next few photos are from 2004-2005

Workshop south wall.


Cottage east side.


Cottage Front


Cottage Back – north


Here are my choices for Behr Premium House colors:

Smoked Mulberry


Plum Swirl


Exotic Orchid




Here are my choices for the doors.





Straw Hat


Sweet as Honey




Which colors do you think I chose?

Which colors do you choose?

The color does not have to match the color the house is now, but out of all the plumy colors on HD’s website, these are the ones I chose to finally pick from.

This is exciting! It will be work and I hope I am up for it. (My right arm and hand bother me a lot, broken arm from car accident in 2000). Don’t know when this project will happen.  Waiting for the weather to cool down and no rain in the forecast.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another day, another T-storm

Here it is the middle of another week, and the first day of October. It is 5:55 p.m. EST, and I’ll see if I get this post finished and uploaded to my blog before the next thunderstorm happens.  I can hear the thunder to the west and the clouds are moving this way. The wind is picking up too. We already had one T-storm this afternoon, but thankfully it didn’t last long. We had one last night too and with all this rain, sidewalks and decks are getting slicker each day.  Once it lets up a bit I need to get out there with white vinegar and spray, spray, spray surfaces.  That stuff really works great, it just takes a brush on a stick, time and some elbow grease.

Here are some photos taken the last couple of days some from inside and some outside.

This is from inside my little creative space looking out onto the front patio.



This is the front patio, my window that I look out here from, is to the right.


These are an unknown orchid given to me many years ago by customers where I work.


Yesterday I did a little work in the creative area in my bedroom.  I brought in a little desk lamp I found in the workshop, ran an extension cord under the rug over to this area and now I can see better what I am doing here. I can do finishing work here, get things ready to mail out, etc.


DH and I had a picture framing shop many, many, many years ago. I have a really great chopper that cuts two 45 degree angles at once. I have framing vices, etc. I even have picture frame molding. I just need to clear off the work benches and get rid of stuff I won’t be using, so that I can do this again.  DH told me before he left this planet that the work shop would be mine and to do with it what I wanted. Well, it’s not something I could hardly think about, much less do in the beginning, but with the passage of time, it has gotten easier and I can feel his encouragement. I look forward to working in there this fall/winter/spring when it is cooler.

Why I brought picture framing up is because I took a 10 cent ready made frame that I got at a yard sale in the spring, and cut a paper mat, not the dimensions it should be, but just to make this work in this frame.  DH did this pen and ink drawing of me soon after we came home from Spain and I found it going through things and it means a lot to me. I was into knitting back then and this old bentwood rocker we bought in Spain from an elderly lady who sold things from her home.  We also bought the wall clock in the above picture, from her too.


Today I was inspired by something DH had made for a small sterilite storage unit that didn’t have a top.


These sterilite storage units are great, except for the tops, which aren’t really reinforced very well at all. The larger ones, with more of a surface, sag in the middle. Not nice at all. I remembered the top DH had made, and headed out to the workshop to see if I could find a piece of plywood that hopefully would be the right size or close to it.  See how the original top in photo below sags.


Well, here’s my shelf.  I even found the wood trim he used up in the rafters, cut three pieces, nailed them on then painted it all with some paint I found.


As a lot of you know, my life changed drastically 09 Dec. 2012. It has taken some getting used to. I miss my DH every single day, but the grieving has lessened, it does sneak up on me at times though. This morning I read a line on another widow’s blog ‘Widow’s Christian Place’, that really struck me. In fact, it was the title of her post today.  It is this: Functioning With A New Reality. Wow!  That is me for sure. Some days I function better than others. Worries about this, that or the other thing, pop up, especially in the middle of the night when there isn’t a darn thing you can do about them. Some things seem overwhelming, some things are rather simple. Each day is new and a gift, I can wallow in self-pity, or I can become a stronger, vibrant reflection of God’s grace and tender mercies. The latter is my desire. 

Anyway, each new day is really an adventure, and with God by my side I will make it in this journey of widowhood. There is much to learn, much beauty to take in, joy to share.

Here are my latest tubes of beads and I look forward to creating with them.


Now, below is a picture of a mystery that I just noticed a couple of days ago. What the heck is this strange marking from? Well, a little while ago I figured out what the cause is.  It is from my foot being pressed up against the curved side of my desk. What a relief!


One day when my husband was ill, and I had just come home from work, he called out to me and said, “The verse of the day is, Cast all your care upon Him for He careth for you.”

Thank you dear husband for your encouraging words from God’s word even when you were so ill. I love you still, love you more than ever and miss you muchly, but your love and your words ring in my heart and mind, bringing me closer to God in my faith.