Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under the weather, flowers, painting


Good morning Folks ~ Hope you all are doing well. Thank you for bday wishes.  I had a lovely bday celebration, in spite of missing my DH, had a good cry late in the day, letting off stress/pressure before bed.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a stuffed right sinus and a sore throat.  This morning I sound like a bullfrog. I emailed my brother-in-law to let him know how I was feeling and that I didn’t feel like moving stuff out and away from bedroom’s west wall so that we could do the paneling.  That’s what we were planning for this weekend, plus doing my taxes.

This is an unplanned rest from ‘doing’. I’ve been a little stressed about my job situation, even though I believe God is working all things out. Somewhat stressed about pressure cleaning and painting although I have had fun so far. I’m just trying to get it all done ‘now’ if you know what I mean, before summer heat and humidity settle in. I just need to ‘stop’ and ‘rest’ so here I am.

Sunday I went to a Home Show with friends.  It was ‘free’, it was also for the ‘wealthy’. I did get a short ‘chair massage’, which felt good, then had a try out with a TENS unit, and that was ok.  I remember that from when we went through therapy after our car accident. It would be nice to have one of those, but not for $149.  YIKES! I got a ‘free’ pkt of coreopsis flower seeds from the city.  It is our state wildflower if I’m not mistaken. The show was interesting, but the people were there to sell their wares and they tried and were pleasant. 

It was nice to get back home to my little place.  Before the Home Show I had gone to HD for yet another paint sample for the cottage.  I had taken my little container of 3 mixed samples together, and the computer read the paint to make the new sample.  It’s a hair ‘off’, but not enough to worry about. I’ll go with it. I also got some bday plants from friends while there. A small Meyer Lemon tree, and a small Key Lime (Mexican) tree, coleus, and stonecrop too. Yesterday morning I repotted the two little trees, didn’t feel like doing anymore.

The great thing about coleus is that cuttings root real easy in water, so I plan to take cuttings from all of these, and that will also make them bush out more.



This is the Stonecrop ~ a succulent ground cover that spreads easily.  I love the color and it has little yellow flowers.  The white NG impatiens my friends gave me a few weeks back.  I still need to repot them.


I believe this is ‘Angel Face’.  Love the color and the scent.


The next photos are of the same ‘Granada’ bud just a different angle.



‘Meyer Lemon’ flowers.  Did you know that a Meyer Lemon is a cross between a lemon and Mandarin oranges. You can read about them here.


‘Confederate Jasmine’ is a bloom I wait for every spring.  I love the scent of these frilly little blooms. I have had these a little over a year now and they are doing great.



Arbor posts painted. More to do here. Smile Will share later.


This is the wonderful bday cake from my friends Nanci & John.  They came into the shop carrying this with candles lit and singing ‘Happy Birthday’.  The cake is Tres Leches with a strawberry and a peach filling, decorated with fresh fruit on top.  It was delicious. Aren’t those star candle cute?


Well, I think that is it from Plum Cottage. I’m going to eat some breakfast then go get horizontal again.  I did not sleep all that well last night even though I took Nyquil.  This too shall pass.

Enjoy each day.



Don't let your mind bully your body into believing

it must carry the burden of its worries.

Terri Guillemets


Casting all your care upon him;

for he careth for you.

1Pe 5:7  KJV


(I came home from work one day when DH was ill, and he said right away,

“The verse for the day is ~ Cast all your cares on Him.”

Even in sickness he was encouraging me in my faith.)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Birthday Eve, Caravan, flowers


Good evening Folks ~ We are having such gorgeous spring weather down here in s.e. FL. While we do have green and colorful flowers all year long, we also have a LOT of spring blooming trees.  Yellows, purples, pinks, just beautiful!

I want to say thank you again to all of you for your kind, encouraging and uplifting support.  It is priceless to me and I appreciate all of your comments and emails.  I have been feeling at peace the past couple of days, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve still been playing with paint colors and mixed up three of my samples together and think I’ve finally got a color I really like for myself.

Today my friend Ramona gave me a 3/4 full can of an aqua color paint.  She thought of this can of paint in her stash from watching the video on my blog a couple of posts back. Well, this is what I did with a bit of it this afternoon.



Here are these two walls after pressure washing. I still need to do some scraping on the wall with the peeling paint.  It is the wall that faces south, so really has taken a beating with the sun blasting on it.  You can see my paint sample colors. Smile


This is part of the cochina patio stones that I pressure washed. You can see how bad it all looked by the cement patio stones in the foreground. I can only do so much of this at a time.  I worked for two hours pressure washing and was worn out, so quit for the day. This patio can be worked on more too, but I had had it.

We found these patio stones in a heap on the next street east of us a few years back. We loaded them into the van, brought them home, and started putting the puzzle together. I was thinking today how I miss the sweet surprise ‘free’ gifts that my DH used to bring home from his jaunts out. Curbside shopping is fun, and I still look, but haven’t found anything lately.


The afternoon of the 17th I got a sweet bday pkg from a follower who lives in Washington state.

Pale, green/blue and brown eggs that she had blown out herself.  Nice for Easter and Spring.  I put some of them in this old basket with a couple of hearts I had in it.  This is now in my bedroom in my craft area.


The book above on the left is a journal and it says Life’s little reminders on the cover, and has different sweet reminders on the pages inside.

The book on the right is by Sarah Young. I already have her book Jesus Calling that I got a couple of months after my dear husband left this planet.  It is a blessing in my life, something to re-read and be continually blessed and encouraged by.  This new book ‘Jesus Today’ is about hoping in Jesus. It came at just the right time for me now, just as the other one did.

Below is a zip lock baggie filled with mint from the fields near their home.


Thank you dear Lily for thinking of me.

Below is a blurry picture I took of two pieces of candied ginger I had just taken out of the bag.  What a wonderful treat to see the one in the shape of a heart!  Another gift for me at this time.


Today two of my friends, Ramona and Jude, took me to a Vietnamese restaurant.  Jude had told me about this restaurant and how delicious the beef rice noodle soup, ‘Pho’ was.  Well, she was not exaggerating!  I couldn’t get over how tasty it was, different herbs and spices I couldn’t put my finger on. Now I want to try making this at home as I love to cook. I brought almost half of my meal home with me. We had Edamame as an appetizer, and then they brought out batter fried oreo cookies with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate for dessert with a candle in the middle for me to blow out, while the two ladies sang Happy Birthday to me. Sweet! Dessert was really good and different!

Judy had brought me a spring of Queen’s Wreath blooms,  purple and looking sort of like wisteria, otherwise known as Sandpaper vine as the leaves feel like sandpaper. I have this vine that has just started to take off and I hope to get flowers soon.

Thank you Jude & Ramona for a lovely lunch.


Birthday greetings.


This sweet mug is from another dear friend, Doreen. I’ve never seen these with little covers to keep your drink hot. 


I hope you all have a lovely 1st day of spring tomorrow.

I will be celebrating my 66th bday.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Here are some blooms taken yesterday.

Blanket flower, self sows, a real treat all year.


Hydrangea tree.




A succulent.


Unknown rose


‘Paul McCartney’ rose. This rose smells heavenly.